Thursday, 15 November 2012

My Very First Scrapbook Layout

I was looking through some old iPhone libraries and came across my very first scrapbook layout I've created. It was back in early 2006. The pictures are from Rebecca taken in my mum's back garden back in 2001. It was Rebecca's first encounter with snow.

Considering how little I knew about scrapbooking then and how little supplies I had, I actually still like it.


Nadine said...

Not bad at all for the very first. My first layout doesn't look this good. I like this one.

Faygie Fellig said...

what an awesome first layout. you can see your future in scrapbooking lookin good here!

Anya said...

This is awesome! It looks too good for the first layout! I believe I took my first ten layouts apart - that's ho bad they were:))

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