Friday, 4 December 2009

Scrapbook Magazine Publication

No, not any of my publications... but my fabulous SIL. I received the latest Scrapbook Magazine in the post today and I was delighted to see my children inside. It was great surprise and thought Ingrid did an amazing job on the layouts. So, I had to share...

Besides Ingrid's layouts there are a ton of other fabulous creations in the magazine. If you would like to see any of those I'm afraid you will have to purchase the magazine yourself.

Happy Thursday!


Ingrid said...

I just love the photos that you took last summer, so I had to scrap them. I totally forgot to tell you about these layouts as I made them at the very last minute before we left for NY. What did the 3Rs think of their photo in the magazine? :-)


Hanneke said...

Ingrid heeft deze gave foto's geweldig gescrapt he?! Vind ik ook! ;-)