Monday, 28 September 2009

Photo Shoot

I'll keep it short but sweet today and show pictures I took of my brother and sister-in-law and their beautiful girls.

Annalise was a real trooper today. I got some lovely shots of her.

Amelia wasn't a 100% today, but I still managed to get a few good ones.

This one is not all in focus, but I just loved how Amelia was clinging onto Annalise.

I had to resort to my 24-105mm to get all of them in the frame. I love this one!

Leaving the leaves behind, we headed for the tall grass. The girls really didn't want any more pictures taken, they'd rather play with their cousins (and who can blame them). But here's a few more.

My only willing child today was Ruben. He really struggles to keep his eyes open when he looks up to the sky and ends up squinting. I just love his new shirt that we bought in Holland during our holiday.

That's all from me today!


Joke said...

Wow, "plaatjes" van kids en hele mooie foto's.

Ingrid said...

I told you many times before that I love your photography skills. You should really set up a business. Love these pictures of Paul and his family. And of course I love the one of Ruben too. What a handsome nephew!


Hanneke said...

Jeetje.... wat heb je weer prachtige foto's gemaakt zeg!! Knap werk van je!! Vind je stijl echt top!!


Miranda said...

Stunning beautiful photo's.