Sunday, 31 May 2009

Your Room

Very last minute I played along with Page Maps 3rd Anniversary Contest. I had no expectations of winning anything, but it was a good excuse to create something. I initially wanted to make a paper layout, but ended up making a digital one.

We've been out all day. I'm exhausted and off to bed! Until tomorrow.


cpsr said...

You have a natural eye for coordinated coloring. It's like playing a sweet melody with your camera.

Ingrid said...

Your digital layout is gorgeous, Lisette. And so is Renee's room. Is there anything you can't do? :-) You are so creative!


Jane Ettia Jones said...

darn it your so clever. can i come pick your brains this digi layout is gorgeous

D@nielle said...

ooh this is so cute ! I was so way behind on your blog and just went throught all your lovely creations, cute shoes and room decorating ! Won't leave a comment with every post as i really was waaaaaaaaaay behind but just wanted to let you know it all looks fab !

Cindy said...

Oh wow...I love Renee's room!! They are so neat and so PRETTY!!! Your daughter is lucky to have mommy like you :)