Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Spring Clean Monday: Patterned Paper

As promised in my post last Friday, I'm going to cover how I've got my scrapbooking supplies organised every Monday for the next four weeks. By no means is this the best way, but it might spark something and give you ideas on how you want to organise your supplies. But you might already be ultra organised, so I'm open for your ideas as well.

You might remember a couple of weeks ago I asked whether or not to sort my patterned paper by colour? 84% of you thought I shouldn't. Guess what, I didn't. I left it sorted by manufacturer, in alphabetical order. I've got all my patterned papers in 10 trays.

To make it even easier to find my collections or manufacturer in one tray, I've done this:

I've sorted each manufacturer by collection and put them in a page protector. Rather than putting the name of the manufacturer or the name of the collection on a tab that I've added on the bottom of the page protector (as I tend to buy collection rather than the odd page), I've punched a tab out of one of the patterned papers that will recognise what collection it is. I've got a photographic memory, so one piece of paper is enough for me to know what papers are in that particular folder. This way I can slide out that collection, rather than having to take out all the papers in that tray and go through them. I needed to secure the tabs with a staple, as the double sided tape wasn't enough to hold it. Odd pages I've put in separately, without a page protector.

I've also got a few collection I haven't broken into yet. I have put these in page protectors, but have not tagged them yet.

Here are my October Afternoon papers:

And my Scenic Route papers:

The incentive to show you how I've got it sorted worked for me. Earlier this afternoon I went out to Staples to buy some more page protectors and I finished all my papers before dinner:

It feels good to have the taken care off. Next week, I'll show you my ribbon stash.

Tomorrow I'll be back with my take on the Caardvarks 'Fantasy' challenge. Sleep tight!


Heidi Van Laar said...

Wow, what a great way to organize your papers! I think I need one of those punches now!

Ingrid said...

Wow....that looks great and very organized, Lisette. I like your idea.

whoistracy said...

What a great idea! I have a somewhat photographic memory, but not enough to remember what EACH paper in the line looks like. LOL

shannonmvt said...

Lisette, Great storage ideas! where did you get your clear paper dividers? i really like those! -Shannon

Aby Garvey said...

That is brilliant! Love it.