Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Spring Clean Monday: Embellishments

I've got this real love-hate relationship with embellishments. I love all those little things, that put the finishing touches on cards and lay-outs, but they are a pain to store and sort. I'm slowly but surely working towards sorting everything by colour, but it's still very much a work in progress.

My flowers and buttons are stored in IKEA jars (like many of use I think), my tiny embellishments I've got sorted in bead boxes, which I purchased at John Lewis, but you can buy them on eBay as well. My alphabet stickers I've got stored in a very sturdy, perfectly sized box from Paperchase. I've got them sorted by colour as well. I do however still want to make separators, so it's easier to see the colours.

When we left Australia, my friend Beth gave me three gorgeous boxes, that were handcrafted. In those I store my bling, pearls, tags, notebooks, etc. They sit on the edge of my desk.

Here's a collage of everything:

Now that the house renovation is almost come to an end, I'm getting this urge to completely put my craft room upside down and have a serious clear-out. In that respect, I've got a question for you. Do you keep all your scrapbooking magazines, if you get any? I'm thinking about going through mine and taking out only what inspires me and put those in an inspiration binder. I'm curious to know how you organise them.

This is the end of my Spring Clean Mondays. I hope you've enjoyed it and that it might have inpsired you. If there is any tips or advise you can give me, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


whoistracy said...

Even your storage system is gorgeous! Love the bright colors.

Jane Ettia Jones said...

looks fantastic lisette love thos ikea jars. now when are you comign over to help me clean up mine...i know i know i did it not so long ago but it's a mess again....think i need a spring clean too LOL

Hanneke said...

It looks wonderful, Lisette!!


Clare said...

Am very envious of all your lovely stash!! I keep all of my mags in a drawer until they are a year old(and have read them over and over!) then I cut out the bits that inspire me,and put them in a folder. Although this seemed like a good idea at the time, I rarely look at them because styles change so quickly! C x

amycatalogna said...

Hi there -- I used to save all of my magazines, but to be honest hardly ever went back to them. So, now I only save the pages that I really love in clear protectors. I find that if I look on mags' web pages or on blogs, I can find inspiration that way. Hoep this helps!!

Heidi Van Laar said...

Your craft space has to be looking pretty fabulous by now!

PapierGirl said...

Lisette - After viewing your storage system, I feel so un-organized! I'm envious of your system! Are you for hire? ;)


Dee said...

I can really relate to your predicament, RE the magazines. I find that I can look throught the same mag on several different occasions and be inspired by something different every time. Even some things I dismissed the 1st time around as 'not me'. This is the main reason I don't take out pages to file in a seperate folder. I have one shelf in my space designated to magazines and craft books and now it's full, I work on a one-in-one-out basis. Before I get rid of anything for good I go through one last time and scan anything of interest. This means that I can donate an intact mag to a charity shop (even 5 year old scrap mags can sell for $2.50 in my town) and electronic files take up much less physical space.

Kerri said...

Love your storage, thanks for sharing :)
I go through my mags each Jan, take out what I like and put them into spiral bound A4 note books.
They are great inspiration and I use them all the time :)