Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Week in the Life - Tuesday

I must say it is quite intensive to record every little thing, but quite fun at the same time.
Here are my pictures for today:

And my notes:
  • David got up at 6.00 a.m. and left at 6.30 a.m. for a round of golf near Uxbridge.
  • I woke-up at the same time as yesterday and got dressed
  • Renee wanted to do her own buttons on her shirt this morning.
  • Shaun turns up ata 8.00 a.m. to start finishing to walls, ready to be decorated.
  • It's drizzling rain when we are leaving for school.
  • Ruben gets upset in the car because he just lost the elite Pok√©mon battle on his DS.
  • Renee notices that the billboards have changed on our way to school.
  • I took a slightly different route to school this morning, as Tuesday morning the rubbish is collected in the street I normally drive through. Wise choice, as the other roads are clear.
  • Renee has her daily run on the green at school with her friends before she goes in.
  • After I dropped Renee at school I went to International Tiles to pick-up tiles for two of our bathrooms, as well as edging trim for the downstairs cloakroom.
  • Back home: time for coffee
  • Checked out new sketch for 2S4Y. Looks really good.
  • Made the beds
  • Rung Bathroom Affair that the recessed profiles didn't turn up last week.
  • Chatted on Skype with my brother, Eric asking me what shopping he needs to bring when him and Ingrid are visiting on Saturday for 5 days. Tea, breakfast cake, licorice, pancake mix, apple sauce, etc. Now that we are close to home again, I can indulge a bit in Dutch treats again.
  • Peter the contractor stopped by at 12.00 p.m. to discuss the work flow. We discovered that the water closet is leaking again upstairs. It appear the system is faulty.
  • Meanwhile I was very hungry For lunch I had porridge and a banana.
  • I put the washing machine on again.
  • I had planned to go to Banstead in the afternoon to a lingerie shop, but I'd run out of time. Instead I tidied the living room. While putting away the wooden road the bottom fell out of the basket. What a noise.
  • Purchased Ali's templates from Designer Digitals to use for this project as her looks so good. I'm going to be a copycat, I've decided.
  • David got home from golf around 2.30 p.m.
  • Ruben played Sonic on the Playstation.
  • Rebecca played with her MyScene dolls.
  • Searched online for the baseball card protectors, but couldn't find them. I asked my friend, Jessica in Portland to get them for me.
  • Searched IKEA's website for a new table for the kids to do arts and crafts.
  • Renee watched some Tom & Jerry before dinner.
  • David made pancakes for dinner, while I did some more ironing.
  • Renee practised her wordsheet for school.
  • Rebecca sent a text to Beth, who's in France and the moment and will be back on Friday.
  • For bedtime Renee chose to read Letterland.
  • Her three songs before sleep time, she's picking Dutch songs at the moment and wants to learn them. Tonight I sang: Berend Botje, Op een klein stationetje and Witte Zwanen, Zwarte Zwanen.
  • Ruben and Rebecca read to one and other for bedtime.
  • Put the covers of the throw cushions in the washing machine as they look manky.
  • This evening I've updated my daily blog and listened to Coyote Ugly in the background.
I'm planning to already start putting the album together tomorrow.


Ingrid said...

Great pics, Lisette. I love your photography. I want to do this too, but haven't allowed myself the time yet.

See you on Saturday!


~Nancy~ said...

How fun!!! Love all of your pictures! So good you're taking the time to do this! XOXO

Joke said...

Oh, wat een leuk idee, maar het lijkt me ook wel erg veel werk.
Prachtige foto's trouwens.

Hanneke said...

Wat superleuk om te lezen en je foto's te bekijken zeg!!