Sunday, 12 October 2008

Week in the Life - Sunday

Yesterday was already the last day of recording a week of my life. It's gone so fast, but it was fun to do. Here are my notes from Sunday:

  • To my surprise I woke slightly later at 8.10 a.m.
  • I was the first to be downstairs, so I decided to start typing the address labels for the moving notice, but didn't get to finish them
  • We all had breakfast, for me the usual. I was fun with 10 people in the house.
  • I got dressed around 10.00 a.m.
  • Ingrid and I ordered some Sizzix dies
  • Beth and I started making a cheesecake again, after last week's turned out so well.
  • The kids had pyjama day and played on the trampoline most of the day
  • I had porridge for lunch and some leftover salad from yesterday
  • In the afternoon I took some more pictures of my brother and Ingrid
  • Beth made a chocolate cake
  • We had fruit salad
  • David played Boutique Monopoly with Fleur and Rebecca
  • Eric and the kids played Mario Cart
  • I edited some of the pictures I took
  • We had spinach pie for dinner
  • After dinner it was bath time and hair wash for all the children
  • They were all finally in bed at 8.30 p.m.
  • Ingrid and I spent the evening making cards
  • I went to bed at midnight
And here are my pictures for today:

This concludes one week in my life. I hop you enjoyed it, and possibly be inspired to something along these lines. For more ideas and tips I recommend visiting Ali's blog, who started all this.


Ingrid said...

Great pics!! I am really happy about the ones you took of me, Eric and the girls!! Love them all! It is so nice to be with you again.


Laura Davis said...

I so enjoyed this Lisette! I have started mine today and will post my days in the evenings. Your family is just beautiful, I loved looking at all your fabulous pictures:)
Thank you for the inspiration!

Hanneke said...

Hwt blijft echt zo leuk om te lezen en te zien!! Gave foto's heb je gemaakt van Ingrid en de rest!!
Ben benieuwd welke die's jullie gekocht hebben..... :o)

XxX Hanneke