Saturday, 11 October 2008

Week in the Life - Friday

The fact that it's Friday today feels good, I'm definitely ready for the weekend. Here's what happened today:
  • I felt very tired this morning when the alarm went off
  • I didn't have to wake Renee this morning
  • The carpenter and tiler turned up early this morning. However, the tiler only came for a short while. Very disappointing.
  • David's working from home, as he'll be picking up Beth in the afternoon from the airport.
  • Before leaving for school I quickly put the washing machine on.
  • Renee was wearing her pink princess hairband to school.
  • After dropping the kids of at school, I joined a few other mums at CafĂ© Nero for coffee. Before hand I quickly went into Next an bought a bright pink knitted sweater.
  • Before going home again, I went to the haberdashery to buy some more ribbons... polka dots, organza and sheer.
  • At home I continued the washing. The weather has been so kind, that I can dry the washing outside.
  • The contractor stopped by again.
  • Made the beds.
  • Started tidying up the whole house, mainly upstairs.
  • Cleaned Rebecca's bathroom and changed the sheets, as Eric and Ingrid will be sleeping there during their stay.
  • David made coffee.
  • Had porridge for lunch again and spoke to my mum on Skype.
  • David left around 1.00 p.m. for Heathrow.
  • After lunch I cleaned the other bathroom, and made the beds.
  • At 3.00 p.m. Beth and David got home. Just in time to go and pick-up Rebecca from school.
  • I picked up Renee.
  • Back home: time for fruit and Renee had cinnamon toast.
  • Beth also picked up Ruben after football.
  • I took Renee to her swimming lesson. She did really well.
  • When we got home, Beth had already started cooking dinner. Green beans, turkey goujons and roasted new potatoes. We sat at the dining room table tonight.
  • Beth brought back presents for everyone from France.
  • Friday nights is bath free night.
  • Rebecca is already sleeping Beth's room.
  • I did some more washing and ironing. Six loads today, way too much.
  • Uploading my pictures to Flickr
  • Enjoyed a cup of pepermint tea.
  • I felt I didn't take enough pictures today, I might go back and take a few more.
Here are my pictures for today:

I wish everyone a very enjoyable weekend.


Hanneke said...

En wederom leuk om te lezen/zien.. gaaf lint heb je gekocht!!
Veel plezier aankomende week,zal vast lukken, toch?!

XxX Hanneke

Wendy said...

sounds like you had a busy day!!! is that the jumper in the photos? i have not seen that one in my next!!!!