Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Week in the Life: +1 - Monday

Last week, Ali Edwards invited everyone to join her in recording a Week in the Life. I really wanted to join in, but last week wasn't the right week for me. I was tired, I had a cold, my tummy was playing up and I could not put myself to recording anything, I just wished the days would pass quietly.

But it's Monday again, and I'm feeling much better, so I thought why not just start it a week later. So, here are my pictures for Monday:

And my notes:
  • 6.28 hrs alarm goes off
  • 6.30 hrs listen to the news on CapitalFM and the pun of the day from a newspaper article.
  • 6.40 hrs got up to have a shower.
  • Weighed myself, 64.4kg. I've done this every Monday morning for many years now, and have started again after the scales were delivered in the shipment three weeks ago.
  • Got dressed
  • 7.20 hrs Ruben's walks into our bedroom to have his tie tied.
  • 7.30 hrs Made sure Rebecca was getting out of bed and woke-up Renee.
  • 7.40 hrs Let Keith on of the builder's into the house to continue work on our downstairs cloakroom.
  • Had the usual: muesli, strawberries, raspberries and yoghurt and OJ for breakfast
  • Renee started with cheerios, but wanted butter toast instead.
  • Ruben and Rebecca had their usual: cheerios and juice.
  • All three were playing on their DS at the breakfast table.
  • Rebecca did her hair.
  • I did the dishes.
  • 8.30 hrs left to go to school.
  • 8.32 hrs dropped off Ruben and Rebecca at their school.
  • 8.44 hrs arrived at Renee's school. Traffic was okay this morning.
  • David is working from home today, having phone calls most of the day.
  • Back home I checked email and 2Ps Top 10 List and spoke to my mum on Skype.
  • Had coffee and cheesecake (which was leftover from Saturday).
  • Treated builders to coffee and cheesecake too.
  • 11.15 hrs Did the ironing and watched P.S. I love you for the second time to attempt to watch it to the end this time. Stopped it again, as I don't seem to get myself into the movie.
  • 12.40 hrs Stripped our bed to be washed and made the children's bed. Opened some windows for some fresh fall air.
  • 13.15 hrs Had toasted ham, cheese, tomato and rocket sandwich, carrots and cucumber for lunch.
  • David's got half an hour break off the phone and is re-installing the washing machine which had to be pulled out this morning for the carpenter to fit new skirtings.
  • Typing up my notes for today while eating my lunch.
  • Put away the ironing. Intentionally did a few things at a time to give myself some more exercise going up and down the stairs.
  • Added some friends on Facebook.
  • David made another coffee.
  • 15.02 hrs Left on school run. Traffic was light. Picked up Renee first, then Ruben and Rebecca.
  • Back home Keith had finished for the day.
  • Fruit for everyone.
  • Renee made her own warm milk.
  • Renee teary as she wanted to know what channel to put on the tele.
  • Ruben and Rebecca back on their DSs.
  • 16.30 hrs Put clean sheets on our bed.
  • 17.00 hrs Cooked dinner with a new recipe from GoodFood Magazine. It was rather disappointing and not worth repeating.
  • Tiler turned up to grout the tiles he laid in cloakroom yesterday.
  • 18.45 hrs Uploaded 2S4Y card to blog.
  • Renee played with her kitchen after dinner.
  • 18.55 hrs bathtime.
  • 19.15 hrs story and song time.
  • 19.30 hrs snuggled down.
  • 20.30 hrs my first yoga class in years and in fact my first activity since moving back to the UK. I felt really good.
  • 22.15 hrs Enjoying a cup of tea before going to bed at 22.45 hrs.
I shall be back tomorrow with pictures and notes from today.


Rozella said...

Jeetje, wat een ontzettend leuk dag in foto's voorbij zien gaan.....Kan je wellicht ook een leuke layout mee maken (wink wink).....lieve groetjes, Rozella

Ingrid said...

I really like the pics that you made on Monday. Can't wait to see you all next week.