Sunday, 18 May 2008

Sunday Treat

Late this morning we went out to buy a few items that we want to take back with us to England. One of which is a clothes line. Not at all very exciting, but it's one that can either be mounted on the wall or attached on post and can be fold down when not in use. This is probably wishful thinking from my side, as I've been drying all my washing outside for the past 20 months and totally expect to do the same in England. Something tells me that the weather might not be all that cooperative there as it's been here.

The other thing we bought is a gas BBQ. When we came to Australia we just had a traditional coals burning one and have hardly used it at all. In hindsight we should have bought one when we first came her, but at least now we will have a brand new one. Let's hope end of Summer will be mild enough for BBQs, as our shipment won't be arriving until end of August at the earliest. Otherwise we'll have to store it until next Spring.

After all that shopping we all worked up a good appetite, and as we've done so many times before we had lunch at Brambles Café on Maling Road. If you ever get a chance to visit Melbourne, this street is a must see. It has a lot of little boutique stores and lots of different places to eat.

May 18th - Sunday Treat

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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~Nancy~ said...

Just can't believe that you guys will be leaving Australia in 6 weeks already.. I can imagine that you've got some stuff that you really need to buy to take with you back to the UK!!!! Good luck with packing everything girlie! XOXO