Friday, 30 May 2008

More than One

Yesterday I received this award from Rozella:

Thank you so much Rozella, I feel very honoured. In case you haven't received one yet, and you are reading this, consider yourself one as well.

Today, I've only got to share my picture a day.... or actually four. As it was such a beautiful day today, I played a little and went out three times to take some pictures, and I just couldn't decide on one.

This picture of Renee I took walking home from Kinder. Renee looked really cute in her hoody, woolen cardigan, plaid skirt and boots today, that I had to record it. However, she wasn't in the mood to pose, so I snapped one of her from behind.

This second one is one of the few trees that has quite a few leaves left. The majority of the leaves have now dropped. With the sunshine on it the yellow is so intense. I actually don't know what tree this is.

No. #3 is a small Acer, which sits on the corner of our neighbours front garden. You can see it in this picture too.

And then finally I chose this one to be my picture of the day. I have no idea what plant/tree/shrub this is. If anyone knows, I'd like to find out. It grows over the fence of number 1, which is on the corner of our street walking towards Kinder. The flowers are small, but have an amazing intense colour. It wasn't easy getting a sharp image as it was quite windy.

May 30th - A Beautiful Day:

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