Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Having a Ball

This afternoon Renee was playing on the trampoline with a bag of plastic balls, when I came out to take some pictures she decided to throw the balls at me. She had a giggle when she hit target (and I managed to capture it!).

May 7th - Having a Ball

Have a great Wednesday and thank you for your lovely comments.


~Nancy~ said...

Awww.. that picture is sooo cute.. I bet this little story will make a great layout.. hehe. And the mothersday card from your previous post is awesome too!!! GORGEOUS! XOXO

Hanneke said...

Super, wa een gave foto zeg!! Wat een sweetie!!


Ingrid said...

What a cutie!!! Can't wait to see you all again in October this year. Looking forward to visit you at your new home.


Joke said...

Wat een schattige foto en je kaart met de vlinders is zo schattig.

D@nielle said...

that will make a lovely lo !