Saturday, 3 May 2008

Christmas and Easter...

Christmas and Easter have long gone, but I've finally finished this. I kept on track with it right up until we left for Europe. I initially wanted to take it with me, but decided last minute that it wasn't worth it, as I couldn't print pictures anyway. I've kept it on my desk all this time, to keep reminding myself to finish it.

Last week I already printed the the pictures that I wanted to include, and today I did all the journaling and other finishing touches. I'm very pleased with it, but I wouldn't do it in this format again. I liked that the pages were 4x6, so that you didn't need to crop your pictures, but I thought the space for the journaling was too small and it was too messy for my liking. I guess I've got until December to think of a different format, because I'm planning to do something similar.

I've not been able to take pictures of it yet, due to lack of light, so check back tomorrow for lots of them.

For today I'll leave you with my picture of today:

May 3rd - The never ending cycle

Enjoy your Saturday and thanks for stopping by.

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~Nancy~ said...

Oowwww.. you've been busy! So sorry for not stopping by any earlier.. love love your new creations..and can't wait to see your photos a day this month! Such a fun idea! Enjoy the rest of your weekend girlie! XOXOXOX