Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Look who's 8 today

Our little boy (not so little anymore) Ruben, turned 8 today. Technically speaking he wasn't born yet, as he was born at 2.32 a.m. in Portland, Oregon, which would be 8.32 p.m. Melbourne time. Well, at least my waters had broken by that time, so we knew it (we didn't know it was a boy yet) was on its way.

Apologies for the rubbish photo, but Ruben is always a tough one to photograph as he moves so fast and doesn't give you much opportunity to take any pictures (or I should just say, it was 8.00 a.m. and I wasn't really with it yet, lol). And this one focused on the bird rather than him, but I do love his smile in this picture. Don't you love his shaggy hairdo? You might think why does an 8 year old get cuddly toys, but he still loves them and especially Australian native animals, as it will be a nice memory of Australia. Have a great birthday, Ruben. I love you!

I made Ruben's card nearly a month ago and it wasn't really a surprise as Renee ran off with it after I just finished it, showing it to Ruben: 'Look what Mummy made for you'. This was actually the first time I used my favourite stamp.

Supplies used: cardstock - Bazzill, PPs - Chatterbox, ribbon - Basic Grey, buttons - Basic Grey, foam stamp - CK, paint - Making Memories, marker, foam alphas - American Crafts, punch - Fiskars, edge scissors - Fiskars.

Enjoy your Wednesday and thanks for stopping by. I love all your comments by the way.


Ingrid said...

Happy Birthday to Ruben!! Lisette, you made him a GORGEOUS card. This design always. My mom is a fan of your work (me too, BTW), and I can hear her thinking "how did she come up with this design?". She thinks you are so creative and always wonders if you come up with the designs yourself. :-)

Have a wonderful evening!


Rozella said...

Happy birthday Ruben...Have a very nice day. And your card Lisette is gorgeous. And I love with the design. Groetjes, Rozella

Anonymous said...

Gefeliciteerd met Ruben. wat een leuk verhaal bij de kaart, ik zie het helemaal voor me. Jij lichtelijk teleurgesteld zeker, maar met een lach om de mond.
Fijne dag!

Groeten, Joke

Hanneke said...

Happy Birthday to Ruben!!
Love that card Lisette!!


Jane Ettia Jones said...

Happy Birthday Ruben and wow the card is just super

rev said...

happy birthday to Ruben (beautiful name :D)

Janny said...

gefeliciteeerd en wat een prachtige kaart heb je gemaakt!

~Nancy~ said...

Happy birthday Ruben! Love that card so much Lisette! So cute and perfect..and love the pic too.. including his hairdo.. hehe! XOXO

D@nielle said...

happy birthday Ruben ! Hope you have a fab day, it started off with a great card and present I see ;)

Marja Sch said...

What a cute boy and lovely card. Happy birthday.