Saturday, 1 December 2007

31 Days of December

This is what I'll be working on the next 31 days.

This lovely project is from an online class with Melodee Langworthy. I signed up for it a the start of November, but I only received my goodies on Thursday. I'm so glad it turned up in time, because I'm really looking forward documenting our month of December. The holiday season is always a tough one for me, as there are a lot of negative emotions involved from the past. On top of that my birthday is a week before Christmas. Normally I would be very pleased that it's Boxing Day and it's all over for another year. Hopefully with this project I'll be able to give it a more positive spin. I said to my DH and kids I want to do something Christmassy every day. Even though yesterday was not December yet, I bought the Santa hats so I could take a picture for the front of the chipboard album. Time permitting, I'll update on this daily. Tomorrow I will start with December 1st.

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Ingrid said...

What a very nice project. You already told me about it, and it looks great. Have fun working on this.