Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Little Artist

Yesterday we returned from a long weekend trip in Gippsland, where the only use of a computer was typing my blog entry ready for upload when I got back. There was no signal, so even our mobile phones didn't work. The weather was rather wet, but we still had a good time. Now it's back to normality and trying to catch up with my digi course. Lesson 3 was a two page LO. This is a first for me in digital terms, but I must say it was quite fun. I used pictures that were taken in May, which I've been wanting to scrap.

The font we used on the twill tape, called VT Portable Remington was downloaded from, where you can find many free fonts.

Oh... and that little gift I made for my mum that I posted to her now four weeks ago surfaced, not in Holland, but back here in Australia. For whatever reason (no reason was given on the package) it was returned. At least it didn't get lost. I'm very hesitant to send it again, but I also don't want to publish it on my blog yet as she will be reading it (well, technically speakinig 'looking' as she doesn't speak English). So, for those of you that would like to know what it is (totally expecting her not to understand this and not bother to follow this link... I might be underestimating her abilities here), look here.


Rozella said...

Ik zeg niet veel maar wat je gemaakt hebt, is ZOOOOOOOOO CUTE.....

D@nielle said...

ooooh I had to look... it's FAB she's going to love it ! maybe you should send it insured/aangetekend ?