Thursday, 8 November 2007


During the Now We're Rockin' digital course the topic currently is actions. A recorded series of steps to alter your image, being it more vivid colours or converting it to black & white. The options are countless. During the month of October I did a portrait photography class. Of course the main thing is the get the picture right in the first place, but actions can help out a lot. I took a picture Rebecca during our trip in Gippsland of that was slightly underexposed. The light in her eyes was amazing though. With my newly acquired 'portrait' knowledge and an action I changed it from this:

Original image:

to this:

The actions I used are from Indie Actions, but you can also find actions at Itty Bitty, EZ Actions, Kubota and Boutwell Studios. I did correct the exposure before I ran the actions. Besides cropping the picture the only other thing I did was sharpening, but you've even got actions for that too.


Ingrid said...

Gorgeous picture of a beautiful girl. I LOVE the b/w picture.

Megan said...

Hi Lisette,

Wow...that photo just pops doesn't it? I must learn how to use actions a little better....I'm so lazy lol.

Megan xx

~Nancy~ said...

How awesome!!!! So cool!!! The b/W pic turned out so perfect!

joscelyne cutchens said...

love that picture! awesome!