Tuesday, 20 November 2007

4x4 (and mini RAK)

Today our little girl is 4 years old. Just one more year of having you home, before you go off to school too. Right now you are already quite Miss Smarty Pants as you are counting, writing your own name and telling the time. Just because you are so busy with numbers at the moment I've repeated 4 elements on the card 4 times.

Can you spot the 4 elements? Leave your guess in a comment. On Friday, I will ask Renee to pick a winner out of those who guessed right. That person will receive a mini Maya Road Postcard clear stamp set (sorry I haven't got a picture). Of course everyone is welcome to play, even if I don't know who you are or if you never left a comment or perhaps you are visiting my blog for the first time.

Have a fantastic Tuesday.


Ingrid said...

Happy Birthday, Renee!! Big hug from your auntie Ingrid

I do see the 4 elements, but I guess I am not allowed since I am your SIL. ;-) Gorgeous card by the way.

Ingrid said...

I meant to say....'but I guess I am not allowed to play'

Lisette said...

Even Auntie Ingrid is allowed to play!!

Joke said...

Lisette, congratulations with the birthday of Renee. I guess she imediately saw all the 4 elements. Well, lets see. I go for the four pieces of patterned paper, the four pink jewels, the four lovely elastiek/ribbons and the four flowers.
I hope I am as clever as your little big girl.
Have a nice day and I like your card very much.

Rozella said...

Happy Birthday Renee...I love your card Lisette and I also see 4 - 4 elements. But most of all I love this date.............Because I am also having my birthday... Have a nice day..............

Karen said...

I found your blog the other day and have been going back through all your posts in 'awe' over your gorgeous work! It's all absolutely beautiful. You have given me such inspiration.

Your card is just perfect! I do see lots of '4' related elements.
* The # 4
* 4 pieces of PP blocked
* 4 flowers
* 4 funky curly ribbon (on the #4)
* 4 diamonties on the #4

Anonymous said...

4 pink jewels
4 ribbons
4 flowers
4 pieces p paper
Wath a verry verry lovely card
love this card

Scrappermania said...

I love your card Lisette!

charlotte said...

Well, it was a fun little challenge! :-)
I can find 4 pieces of patterned paper, 4 flowers, 4 pieces of ribbon and 4 little "bling"/jewels or what they are called.
And happy birthday to Renee! :-)
I love the card - it's awesome.

I visit your blog from time to time (via Ingrid's blog). Ingrid and I are the long lost penpals who found each other here at the internet!).

Have a nice day.