Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Boys Toys

I was in the mood last night to create lesson 2 of Now We're Rockin'. Normally, you would watch the lesson first and then start on your own LO. Not me, I dive straight in. My screen is big enough the have the video running on one side and me scrapping along in Photoshop on the other. I really liked this lesson because I actually learnt something I didn't know yet, which was recolouring an overlay. The original overlay on this LO was blue and white. We learnt to recolour the blue to black and setting the layer property to screen, which ultimately meant that you only see the white parts. A really cool technique. The other main objective of this lesson was to use hot keys to save time, which is always a bonus.


~Nancy~ said...

Woow..'ve been busy!!!! You did an amazing job here!! WOOOWWWW!!!

Ingrid said...

What a gorgeous layout again. I love what you did with the pictures in the circle. Great job!

BTW, I received my birthday card today. Of course I am very, very curious, but I won't open the card until the 14th. :-)

Scrappermania said...

Gorgeous Layout!

Megan said...

Lisette this looks so cool! And I love the "rendezvous" one in the post below too. Jessica Sprague is so great - I am sure you will learn heaps of cool stuff.

Megan xx