Thursday, 27 September 2007

Meeting Shirley

On Tuesday I met Shirley for the first time in person. We had agreed to get together for her to practice her photography on my three kids and for me to learn some new things (which I did). She came to our place first and then we walked to Beckett park and through Maranoa gardens. Back home I fed the kids some lunch and then we went to Maling Road for a little while. Hopefully my three will have given Shirley some good shots to build her portfolio. It was nice to meet a fellow scrapbooker and photographer, as I don't know many others than through the internet. I didn't take too many pictures that day, but particularly loved this one of Renee:

When Shirley went back home, I discovered shortly after that she had left one of her lenses. She told me it's okay to give it a go, as it's one that I haven't got (85mm f/1.8). Yesterday I took this picture of Renee (again, but she was the only one willing to pose):

I think I want one too now. Thank you Shirley for all the great tips and a great time together.


~Nancy~ said...

WOOOWWWWW.. lucky you! You met Shirley IRL!!!! WOOWW! SO jealous now! She's such a sweetie!! Sounds like you girls had a great time.. love that pic of your little girl! Can't wait to see more.. hehe... Have a great day!!!

Ingrid said...

Now I am the one who is a bit jealous. :-)) Lucky girl!!! Good to hear you had a wonderful time. Like the pics of Renee. Looking forward to see the other pics too. Perhaps we can have our own photo shoot in January. We definitely have to make some pics of the kids together.


Shirls said...

It was so great to meet you and the kids, Lisette. Your kids are perfect models:) I had a wonderful time. Thanks for letting me practice my photography:)

That shot of Renee is just stunning!