Saturday, 18 August 2007

Two for Two

Well, it seems the stars must be right for me at the moment. Remember this card. I actually won the challenge. That's two winners in two days. The prize at Caardvarks is sponsored by The Angel Company and apparently the prize will smell like rubber. This is what they said: Lisette's card meets the challenge perfectly, it's well-balanced, simple, clean and crisp. Great job!

By the way the prize for the winning LO at Cocoa Daisy is a $15 voucher.

Today I had part 2 of my Photoshop Course. Today we learned how to convert images to black and white. And I can tell you that isn't just two clicks of a button. If anyone is interested how to do it, I'll post the steps on how to achieve the best result. We also learned about the healing/patch tool and how to extract parts of a picture. Lots of new information for me that's for sure.


Ingrid said...

I already congratulated you on the phone. This is your LUCKY week!! Your work is awesome and very inspirational.

And I am interested in converting images to black and white although it will be Eric who has to do it for me. :)) Or do you think I can do it myself?

Je@net said...

Great LO and a lovely card Lisette! Congrats!

~Nancy~ said...

Yay you!!!! So happy for ya!!! Biiig congrats..and I agree.. your card is beautiful!!

D@nielle said...

Congrats and I'd love to hear about the conversions, I'm about to wrestle through a photoshop course book without a teacher :S