Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Right now I'm running a few projects parallel to each other. I haven't done anymore on my handbag, but I have chosen pictures and for the most part decided how to do each page lay-out. The other thing I'm working on is for Father's Day. We had already started on something, but the kids had taken over project and I wasn't pleased with how it was turning out. Today I started from scratch, with different more brightly coloured papers. I'd love to show you the whole front, but I'm not sure whether hubby will read this. Unfortunately it will have to be sneak for now. I will reveal the lot after Father's Day which is September 2nd.


Ingrid said...

As usual, your sneak peek looks very promising. Too bad we have to wait another two weeks to see the project. :-) What papers did you use? Chatterbox?

Lisette said...

Yes, the papers are Chatterbox.

~Nancy~ said...

Wooww.. these sneak peeks look yummie girlie!! WOOWW!! Can't wait to see the rest of it.. hehehe.. XOXO Nancy