Saturday, 11 August 2007

Colour by Numbers

Today and next Saturday I'm doing a Photoshop course for Photographers. One of the things we learned was how to correct the colour of pictures. This wasn't done by eyesight but by numbers. The beauty of doing it by numbers, is that the colour balance is always correct. Here's one of my own picture I corrected this evening. When David took the picture the white balance was not set to auto and the picture came out too blue. But with my new knowledge I was able to correct it. I wish I'd known this a lot sooner. We also touched on dodging and burning and blending.


After colour correction:


Anonymous said...

En wat heb je dan gecorrigeerd qua instellingen van de foto?


charlotte said...

WOW - what a big difference! Well done. I would love to go to a photocourse myself - I think there's a lot of good tips and tricks for us scrapbookers!

~Nancy~ said...

OH wow.. that ROCKS! It looks awesome!!!!! Such a big difference!!! XOXO